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Accident Reconstruction & Analysis


What is Accident Reconstruction?

Field accident investigation, analysis, and reconstruction is an automotive engineering discipline that involves the analysis of physical evidence, the application of physical laws, and the reconstruction of the vehicle and occupant motions based on accepted engineering principles.

These reconstructed motions are arrived at in order to reconstruct how and why an accident occurred.

Through a thorough understanding of accidents, countermeasures may be designed in order to prevent the same accident from occurring again.

Industrial companies, fleet companies, fleet maintenance organizations, and insurance carriers all need to have a thorough understanding of collisions that occur so that standard policies can be critically examined with the aim of creating policies that will help to minimize the occurrence of accidents.

Parties involved in litigation need to have a thorough and exhaustive accident reconstruction in order to fully evaluate the causal factors that led to the collision's occurring. Complete and thorough accident reconstruction requires a solid educational background in the physical sciences in the form of a degree in engineering or other physical science.

Accident reconstruction requires a thorough understanding of vehicle dynamics, vehicle structural properties and automotive engineering. However, the practice of accident reconstruction and presentation of the results also involves other disciplines that encompass various aspects of the Man (driver, occupant), Machine (vehicle) and Environment (road & weather). These additional disciplines often include human factors, photography, injury analysis, communications, and art.
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  • Engineered Crash Analysis Software and Presentation
  • Court Room Presentations and Packages (graphic design packages available)
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Litigation & Accident Reconstruction

Forensic Evidence and the Purpose of Accident Reconstruction

Construction sites of all types and sizes are subject to federal, state, and local safety rules designed to protect workers and visitors alike, but accidents will and do still happen. Knowing all the possible causes and ramifications of those accidents is of vital importance to owners, contractors, investigators, and the general public. Accident reconstruction serves as an important way of making the worksite a safer environment for workers, visitors, and even trespassers (whose unlawful presence on a site might lead to injury to themselves or others as well as damage to the property itself ).

Types of Accident Reconstruction

In preparing for any litigation that stems out of a traffic accident, accident reconstruction experts will attempt to document the circumstances of a given accident through the accounts of any eyewitnesses to the incident as well as thorough an on-site investigation of the incident in question. Premier software, computer graphics, animation, and documentation are key factors in producing a factual product.

Video and Accident Reconstruction

Video photography of the scene is another good tool for accident reconstruction as it can show not only the scene but how any machine or equipment that might have been involved in the accident works, sounds, and moves when it is being operated. Video also has the added benefit of allowing for expert narration to explain and interpret what is being seen-this is extremely valuable, of course, for trying to make things clear for lay people who might be on a jury considering the ramifications of a construction site accident.

Photography and Accident Reconstruction

(Digital High Technology and High Definition) One way to document the accident scene is through the taking of photographs. Every conceivable angle will be covered in the aftermath of the accident, documenting any equipment that might have been involved and any other variables that might come into play.

Computer Animation and Accident Reconstruction

(Visual 3-D Computer Generated Crash Analysis Software) A powerful forensic tool for accident reconstruction is computer animation, which can reconstruct the accident based on the facts as they are known and/or on the testimony of qualified experts surmising what they believe has happened. A visual reconstruction of the accident gives people a better idea of how the accident happened (or at least how it could have happened). It also makes it somewhat easier to root out causes, assign liability, and, most importantly, computer animation makes it easier to determine how to avoid future accidents of the same nature. Computer animation, which has come down in cost and has become much easier to produce, is a cost-effective and powerful alternative to the expensive, time-consuming, and bulky practice of creating scaled down 3-D models of accident scenes that used to be commonplace in the field of accident reconstruction. Information and presentation are the stepping stones to litigation success.

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