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Accident Reconstruction
Expert Witness Credentials


Mr. Peter Paranzino
Senior Certified Reconstruction Expert
Curriculum Vitae


1980 to 1992
Hebron Police Department, Hebron, CT
Part time position with general patrol duties. Assisted Connecticut State Police as needed in criminal and motor vehicle collision investigations.

1992 to Present Portland Police Department, Portland, CT
Assigned to the Patrol Division and responsible for the investigation of all serious and fatal injury motor vehicle collisions.


I have over thirty years of extensive, hands-on experience in the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions of all types. I have personally gathered evidence, taken on-scene measurements, inspected and analyzed vehicle damage, photographed vehicles and provided final conclusions and documentation on hundreds of motor vehicle collisions. I have experience in giving depositions and providing expert testimony in court. I also have experience in taking detailed scene measurements used for generating two-dimensional scale diagrams which can later be converted to three-dimensional diagrams for court presentations.

Specialized Training

Expert Studies
Institute of Police Technology and Management, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Completed the Investigation of Motorcycle Accidents course. Field test were conducted using real motorcycles to enable the students to gain first-hand experience in understanding the unique dynamics of motorcycle crashes. Analyzing and interpreting the motorcycle crash scene; analyzing and interpreting modes of instability and handing characteristics of the motorcycle; determining acceleration and deceleration factors. A staged motorcycle crash was conducted to provide data for analyzing. (40 hours)

Completed the Investigation of Commercial Motor Vehicle Accident course. Detailed instruction of the nomenclature and operation of the air brake systems used on various commercial vehicles. Tractor trailer nomenclature: vehicle dynamics involved during the braking process; jackknifing; hydroplaning; weight shift; rollovers; trailer coupling devices; steering suspensions and frames. (40 hours)

Completed the Pedestrian/Bicycle Accent Investigation course learning the specific dynamics pertaining to collisions involving motor vehicles versus pedestrians and bicycles. Detailed instruction including practical exercises and staged crashes to enhance the understanding of the relationship between the vehicle and the pedestrian during a collision; the collection of necessary data from both the vehicle and the pedestrian; specific pedestrian impact dynamics; pedestrian conspicuity; and the human factors involved in such things as reaction times, speed analysis and investigative techniques for hit and run collisions. (40 hours)

Completed the Advanced Accident Reconstruction with Micro Computers course including and introduction to the WinCrash computer program developed to assist in reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions. Importance of properly gathering scene evidence; methods of calculating the trajectories of vehicles after a collision; the importance of Delta-V in the understanding of collision dynamics; and speed change from vehicle crash damage. (40 hours)

Completed the Traffic Accident Reconstruction course. Training for derivation and origin of commonly used speed formulas; determining the speed of vehicles at impact using the conservation of linear momentum; an understanding of Newton's three laws of motion and how they apply to the behavior of vehicles in a collision; the effect of weight shift in braking involving large vehicles such as buses and tractor trailers; the effect of anti-lock braking systems in stopping distances; determining the direction of travel, initial contact and position of vehicles on the roadway. Extensive project work controlled experiments were conducted to demonstrate that specific equations are accurate. (80 hours)

Completed the Advanced Traffic Accident Investigation course expanding the knowledge from the At Scene course and introducing many of the unknown and accepted collision reconstruction formulas and techniques. Time, distance and motion equations; conservation of momentum calculations; diagramming vehicle damage to analyze such things as center of mass, thrust, overlap and collapse; vehicle lamp examination; tire damage evaluation and vector sum analysis (80 hours)

Completed the At Scene Traffic Accident Investigation course. Introduction to basic collision scene dynamics, roadway measurement techniques, collection of roadway evidence, etc. Basic principles of physics and mathematical equations to determine the coefficient of friction (drag factor) of a surface. Controlled experiments of skidding vehicles were conducted in order to apply the learned equations to determine vehicle speed and to reinforce the understanding of the concepts used in traffic crash investigation. (80 hours)

Initial Training

Basic part time Police Officer Training provided by the Municipal Police Training Council. (80 hours)

Full time Police Officer Training provided by the Municipal Police Training
Council. (580 hours)

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