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Litigation Support Services

Few law firms have the luxury of having in-house investigative personnel. Many utilize their paralegals to perform certain investigative tasks; however, a great majority of the successful firms retain the services of professional investigative agencies to generate needed information.

Complete Litigation Support:

  • Surveillance
  • Employment verification and documentation
  • World-wide premier data resources (immediate access and confirmations)
  • Gathering of evidence for trial
  • Background investigations
  • Civil and criminal checks
  • Process service (subpoenas and legal process)
  • Locating potential witnesses (locates and skip-tracing)
  • Confirmation of telephone numbers and cellular numbers
  • Utility confirmation and multiple trap line locator services
  • 25 data companies' resources at immediate recall for the fastest of up-to-date information tracking
  • Interviews and statements
  • Product liability investigations
  • Defense of injury claims
  • Asset tracing and recovery
  • Bankruptcy checks
  • Corporate affiliations
  • Evidentiary photography (certified and educated with today's technology)
  • Motor vehicle and drivers license checks
  • Criminal defense
  • Fire and arson investigations
  • Accident reconstruction
Our primary goal is to meet our clients' needs for investigation services and information in a conscientious and committed manner.

Connecticut Process Service

Need a Process Server in Connecticut?

Why try to serve when location is an issue?
We take the guess work out of successful service!
Locate & identify with diligence is the key to getting the job done.
For quote: Call us Toll Free at 1.888.268-1442 or Email:

Tritec Investigations provides all Connecticut counties with reliable process and legal processing services. Our process servers can provide same-day, rush, and standard delivery of legal documents for law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal support firms including large corporate in-house councils.

We can serve process as in different persons and or have access to Deputy State Marshals. The marshals can provide quick, effective service, and we can effectively interface with them our vast locator services and provide efficient process service.

This is a one-stop investigation & process-serving company that provides the background and professionalism to fulfill your locations, locates, process service and document retrieval needs. We are committed to the highest standards of investigation and provide you with Connecticut's "Premier Team" of service professionals.

Why duplicate efforts, meet with negative results and high fees time after time? We do not. Pursuant to client feedback we have become one of the premier one-stop process service agencies in Connecticut and throughout New England. Our team finds the individuals and completes service at an accelerated rate. Tritec includes in its service automated acknowledgment of service via electronic mail direct to the client and also provides each client direct email updates as to the status of that process service daily. You will be speaking directly with friendly, knowledgeable investigators and servers who know Connecticut process and can take all the guesswork out of the process.

Tritec Investigations, Inc., and its expanding staff know that we must earn your trust and your business; that is why we strive to provide you with the very best services every time we handle your work. We do it professionally through years of knowledge, understanding of the markets, and with a direction towards perfection and client satisfaction.

Criminal Defense Division

Our Criminal Defense Investigators have over 80 years of experience in Defense Investigations.

Tritec Investigations, Inc. is the leading investigating firm specializing in Criminal Investigations. We conduct critical investigations in a timely manner on all types of criminal cases. As defense investigators you need specific knowledge, experience, and skill in order to properly investigate a case from the defense perspective. When investigating a case, our investigators use state of the art database, techniques, and equipment to uncover critical information and evidence to defend our clients.

Who represents you, the accused? Tritec does.

With all its resources and over 50 years of defense experience we will fight on your behalf and develop a case that proves the facts. As defense investigators we take pride in our courtroom victories!

Criminal Defense Investigations

Defend your case before it goes to court! Let us be your defense line. As one of the leading criminal investigation firms in the Connecticut /New England area, all investigations are conducted in a timely manner, and we specialize in investigations in the following areas:
Sexual Assault & Harassment Kidnapping Litigation Corporate Crimes Counterfeiting
Death Penalty Due Diligence Embezzlement Fraud
Homicide Litigation Support Restraint Money Laundering
Multi-Co-defendant Narcotics Public Corruption Robbery
Conspiracy Smuggling Theft Trafficking

Pre-File Investigations

The most important part of any criminal case is the pre-file stage. Defense investigators know the importance of defending a criminal complaint; therefore, defense investigators will take the necessary steps to defend a criminal complaint before charges are filed and the case goes to court.
Our defense investigators are experts in the following pre-file investigations:
  • Polygraph Examinations and Interpretations
  • Police Investigations
  • Psychological Experts
  • Photographs of Location and Victims
  • Locating Other Wrongly-Accused Individuals
  • Computer/Internet Experts
  • Confidential Informants and Sources
  • Public Record Searches
At our agency investigators use any and all means to legally obtain the evidence or statements needed to get the results you deserve! Below are the necessary stages to ensure your Pre-File Investigation is a success:

A. Pre-File Investigation: Client is contacted by a law enforcement agency; however, charges have not actually been filed.

B. Goals of a Pre-File Investigation
  1. Prevent filing
  2. Reduce Charges: felony to a misdemeanor
  3. Divert allegations into an informal resolution
  4. Ease clients' concerns about the case
  5. Keep clients apprised of legal rights
  6. Assist with surrender and avoid arrest
Ways to prevent charges from being filed:
  1. Bolster client's credibility
  2. Private polygraph - if the results are favorable, then they will be shared
  3. Reference letters from community leaders, religious leaders/organizations, teachers, friends, etc.
  4. Attack complaint credibility of the victim
  5. Use other witnesses to question the reputation and truth of the victim
  6. Discredit allegations against others made by the victim
A major objective of any good criminal defense is to break down prosecution witnesses by utilizing vigorous cross examination techniques. By doing such this reduces, if not eliminates, their credibility and the weight given to their testimony by the judge or jury. This is where our expertise augments defense efforts.
Criminal Investigations include but are not limited to:
Methodical case analysis Background investigations of involved parties
Witness interviews Confidential photographs/videos
Confidential informants and sources Victim interviews
Secondary forensic evidence testing Proven premier court testimony & presentation of evidence
Polygraph examinations and interpretations Graphics programs available for all presentations
Follow-up & development of leads

Background & Employee Investigation

  • Complete background investigations including: criminal and civil information, judgments, lawsuits, home and work locations, and more.
  • Employee screening. Are the people you consider hiring who they say they are? Have they ever been convicted of a crime? Are they thieves? What do their driving records reveal? Do they have the educational background that they claim to have? We use nationwide access and multiple premier data resources.

Financial Investigations

  • Identification of Assets: including real estate, vehicles, employment, professional licenses, businesses owned, and insurance settlements
  • Identification of Liabilities: including past & present business failures, personal & business debt, lawsuits, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments and other derogatory data
  • "Worth Pursuing" Investigations: Is a party worth litigating against?
  • Judgment Collections: Can assets be uncovered to collect upon an existing judgment?
  • Past & Present Business Activities
  • Hidden Asset Investigations: including identification of Nevada corporations, offshore bank associations, and other disguised asset ownership
  • Employment Identification
  • Patent, Trademark & Copyright Ownership Many more services are available upon request to meet your information needs. Please inquire.

Our Theme

"All Investigation Agencies are basically the same", not so. We believe that what separates us from other firms is not what we do, but how we do it - aggressive not conservative, focusing on honesty and integrity, team players not one -man bands, problem solvers not just another company making promises. Technically advanced and constantly integrating new ideas.

Central Office serving all of Connecticut, New England and Nationwide.

"Great reporting and results. Respectfully, Lorraine (New Britain, CT)" -- a Connecticut small business owner

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